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The GTC can be downloaded from the following link:

(Hungary, Poland)

Name of the SP: Hard Dog Race Kft.
Registered office: Lajos utca 78., Budapest, H-1036
SP contact information (regularly used electronic mail address to keep in contact with users):
Company registry number: 01-09-291006
Tax number: 25820922-2-41
VAT registration number: HU25820922
Name of licensing authority (commercial court): Fővárosi Törvényszék Cégbírósága
Telephone number: +36 20 529 2110
Privacy protection registry number: NAIH-112808/2017.
Language of the contract: Hungarian

This contract has been prepared in Hungarian, Polish, English, Czech, Slovenian, German and Italian languages. Should any interpretation differences or linguistic problems occur, the Hungarian version is prevail.

Organizer of the Race:
(Czech Republic)

Name: Petra Makovská
Address: Přímá 249/10, Svitavy 568 02, Czech Republic
E-mail address:
Company registry number: 03815447

Organizer of the Race (Germany):
Brigitta Cseh
Address: 21435 Stelle, Fliegenberg 102.
E-mail address:
Tax number: 5010800345


Kornelia Radzikowska
Address: ul. Poligonowa 2/18, 04-051 Warszawa, Poland
Tax number: 113-235-94-48
Telephone number: +48 510 501 791


Service provider: Organiser and executor of the dog obstacle race Hard Dog Race.

Co-organiser: Any natural or legal person in a contractual agreement with the Service provider who organises the Race in the given country at the Service Provider’s behest, and practices their rights as per specified in a separate contract specific to them.

User: Person using the online application module but has not yet paid their application fee or purchased a gift coupon. (E.g.: they have already supplied their own data or those of the gift coupon’s recipient, who, by meeting the conditions listed on the coupon, may participate in the race free of charge)

Customer: Person who pays the application fee in the online application module or purchases a gift coupon. The Customer’s person may not be the same as the User (e.g. in case of gift coupon purchase or team application).


1.1. Questions not in the scope of the GTC and the interpretation thereof are subject to Hungarian laws, especially concerning Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, as well as Act CVIII of 2001 in regards to electronic commercial services and certain questions of service in connection with information society. The mandatory terms of the pertinent laws are in effect for all parties without specific provisions.

1.2. This GTC applies until revocation or modification.

1.3. All elements of the website are protected by copyright as copyrighted intellectual products.

1.4. We shall reply to messages sent via within a maximum of 48 hours.


1.5. When registering on the website, it is necessary to provide personal data, which, according to Act CXII of 2011, has to be registered for privacy protection, and privacy protection information has to be given. The latter can be found at a on the website. The service provider processes the information necessary to identify the user’s person and postal address in order to perform the following: creating the contract of service; determining the contract’s content; invoicing of fees; validation of demands thereof.

Data management with a different objective is in effect for the sending of electronic advertisements (newsletters), which happens when the user provides their name and electronic mailing address. Within this framework, when the user registers to the newsletter by their own volition (giving consent upon receiving proper information), the service provider may use the electronic mailing address provided by the user for electronic advertising (direct marketing).


1.6. On the website, we only market the application fee and gift coupons usable for application, whose fees are payable after registration via bank transfer, or online payment method (HDR HUN, HDR DE – Barion, HDR PL – PayU, HDR CZ – Comgate). The product contains no VAT. Upon successful registration (, the user has to choose from the available events, supply the data for the Racer duos, choose a race slot and use their discounts, if applicable. The Racer’s data fields must be completely filled in to successfully set up the application process. For more information on application fees, discounts and gift coupons, see: and We will send a confirmation e-mail after application.

The application fee includes the following services:

  • free parking
  • finisher’s medal and T-shirt
  • finisher’s package (contents vary by race)
  • time measurement with chip
  • group insurance (does not include the dog)
  • free access to cloakroom

The application fee does not include racer photographs. Multiple professional HDR Press photographers work on the track during the entire event, but the Service Provider cannot guarantee that everyone will be featured in at least one photo.

The application fee includes 27% VAT (in Hungary).

In case of bank transfer, the e-mail contains the application fee, the recipient’s bank account number where the payment has to be transferred within 48 hours and the application code supplied in the special instructions field. When the payment arrives, the application system sends an automatic confirmation e-mail regarding the successful transaction and the finalisation of the application. This confirmation e-mail qualifies as an electronic application ticket, and therefore has to be presented during registration on the day of the race! In case of gift coupon purchase, after the appropriate method has been selected, the system sends an e-mail in the same way as above. The transfer has to be completed accordingly. Upon completion, the purchaser of the gift coupon receives a confirmation e-mail which contains the coupon code and instructions, terms of the coupon’s use, with which the user may apply free of charge.

In case of online credit or debit card payment – whether for application or gift coupon purchase – the applicant is redirected to the online payment site (HDR HUN, HDR DE – Barion, HDR PL – PayU, HDR CZ – Comgate) where they may pay the application fee to the Service Provider during the online payment transaction. Online payment is provided by Barion Payment Inc (Hungary, Germany), license number: H-EN-I-1064/2013. Your card details are not disclosed to Barion Payment Inc. Upon finishing the transaction, the applicant is redirected to the website and receives an automatic reply about the successful registration, about which the system sends a confirmation message to the e-mail address provided.

In case of applications, this confirmation e-mail acts as an electronic application ticket, and therefore has to be presented during registration on the day of the race! In case of gift coupon purchase, the confirmation e-mail contains the coupon code and instructions, terms of the coupon’s use, with which the user may apply free of charge. The gift coupon’s electronic application ticket is the confirmation e-mail they received after finalising the application, which they have to present during registration on the day of the race.

There is no possibility to pay the application fee or purchase gift coupons with cash, except on the day of the race, at the race’s location.

1.7. Data input errors can be rectified until applications close before the race. After this time only the Service Provider can correct such issues if the user informs them about this at at least 120 hours before the race.  It is not possible to change time slots after successful application. If the user wishes to change slots, they have to contact the Service Provider at regarding the issue and see if there are available slots left. If there are, the Service Provider will modify the application as requested and sends a confirmation e-mail. Changing time slots in this way is only possible at least 120 hours before the race, depending on available slots left.

1.8. The Service Provider provides detailed information about the product’s name, possible discounts and exact price on the following links: and

1.9. The Service Provider is liable to electronically confirm the arrival of the User’s order to the User without delay. If the User does not receive confirmation within a reasonable timeframe (depending on the exact nature of the service, but 72 hours maximum), the User is absolved of all contractual or tender obligations. The order and its confirmation are to be regarded as concluded for both parties when they become accessible for the User. The parties may deviate from the above rules if they made a special agreement.


1.10. The processing of orders occurs via an automatized mailing service, during which automatic reply messages are sent out.

1.11. General period of completion: within 3 working days of confirmation.


1.12. Payment of fees may be terminated without consequence at any time before its completion. In accordance with Article 29(1) l) of Government Decree No. 45/2014, the Customer may not exercise their right of withdrawal or cancellation if the application fee for the Race is valid for a certain period (given day of deadline). In such cases, the Service Provider cannot refund the application fee unless the race itself is cancelled.


1.13. The service provider is liable to hold the event as per the previously outlined conditions. If the Race is cancelled due to unforeseen (vis major) reasons, the Service Provider must notify the Customer within the shortest possible time about this fact and their possibility of carrying over their application to the next race. Vis major events are exceptional and unforeseen force majeure occurrences that the service provider cannot calculate or examine, and for which the service provider cannot be held at fault as they are beyond the scope of business risk (especially but not limited to: natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, war situations etc.).


1.14. Complaints can be sent in e-mail form to, or by filling in the appropriate form at Complaints at the race locations can be referred to the Race Directorate, The Service Provider is liable to investigate the veracity of the complaint in the shortest reasonable time and provide an answer within 30 days. If the complaint is rejected, the Service Provider must supply a reason for the rejection, and is liable to keep a copy of the answer sent to the customer for 3 years.


1.15. The Service Provider and the User will attempt to reach peaceful resolutions in case of dispute. In case of legal disputes between the User and the Service Provider concerning problems in the scope of the present document that cannot be resolved within 30 (thirty) calendar days, the court specified by Act III of 1952 of the Code of Civil Procedure has jurisdiction and authority.

1.16 The User shall accept that the Service Provider maintains their right to change the time and the location of the event. In case the time and/or the location is changed, the Service Provider shall inform the User via updates on the event’s website and Facebook page. Users with a valid application are also notified by the Service Provider via the email address they supplied during application.

February 2020

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