Ethical principles

We, the founding members and organizers of Hard Dog Race adhere to the Animal Protection Act – which is the duty of every dog owner or any citizen – and firmly believe that dogs are not ‘merely’ living creatures. They are companions, friends, members of the family. For this reason, they require our attention, respect and love. To provide a dog with a life as happy as possible, we need to learn much about the culture of animal ownership. In order to achieve this, we constantly train ourselves, widen our knowledge and support others in their similar endeavours.

We always act in accordance with the concept of fair play, and we expect our racers to do the same. We believe in an honest competition and in the positive effect sports have on one’s personality. We do not tolerate cheating or any attempts at gaining an unfair advantage.

The Hard Dog Race logo is protected by copyright. Its use in any form is only allowed with the written permission of Hard Dog Race.