Six legs, two hearts, three shelters

Every single step of yours will have an important goal!

Not Just Run is HDR’s charity run, in the framework of which we support a non-profit organization/foundation or a good cause that is important to us every year. If you participate in the NOT JUST RUN race, you can be sure that you will not “just” run! Every step you take will have an important purpose!

This year, we will focus on shelters again!
You can support three of our partner shelters this year, and you will be able to run for them in the race:




You will be able to choose which of the three shelters you would like to support with part of your entry fee during the online registration process!
You can only choose one shelter.
After the competition, we will deliver the amount collected for each shelter to them!

Date: Saturday, April 29, 2023

Location: Törökmező
Distance: 6 (+/-) km

All kids over the age of 12 can participate in the HDR Not Just Run competition if they meet the conditions of the Competition Regulations and their legal representative has given written consent to their participation in the competition.

We specifically recommend this race to those who are just getting to know the world of Hard Dog Race! It’s a perfect entry before a Base competition, as there are no artificial obstacles, but the atmosphere and organization are unadulterated HDR quality!

Of course, no non-profit organization will be left behind!
WE SUPPORT EVERY TEAM STARTED BY A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION WITH 1 FREE ENTRY! So, 1 person from a team of 6 can enter the competition for free!
Important: before entering, be sure to contact us about the free entry at!

In addition, HDR Not Just Run racers always run for a non-profit organization. In categories awarded based on timing (adult individual female / male first three places; adult team first three places), the prizes are donated to the non-profit organization named by the Competitor at the award ceremony.

Bring your family and friends, who can cheer by the track!

You can find more information about the Hard Dog Race here:
If you have any questions, write to us, then we look forward to hearing from you at
We welcome your questions about nominations at!


Entry categories

1 person + 1 dog
6+/- km


Till 08.02 25 EUR
09.02-30.03 32 EUR
31.03-21.04. 35 EUR
Location 37 EUR
2 person + 1 dog
6+/- km


Till 08.02 41 EUR/full price
09.02-30.03 53 EUR/full price
31.03-21.04. 58 EUR/full price
Location 61 EUR/full price
6 person + min. 4 dog


Till 08.02 143 EUR /team
09.02-30.03 182 EUR/team
31.03-21.04. 200 EUR/team
Location not available

Downloadable statements

We’ve collected all documents you’ll need when you register on location.

You must hand in the PRINTED and SIGNED ORIGINALS when you arrive.

If you’re over 18, you’ll need the ’Data protection and portrait statement’ and the ’Declaration of liability’ documents.

If you’re not yet 18, you’ll also need the ’Declaration of parental liability’ as well. These declarations differ between Base and Junior events, please double-check which one pertains to you or your child.


  • All officially operating non-profit organisations registered in Hungary with any type of affiliation to dogs (shelters, animal rescue, rescue dog team, therapy animals etc.)
  • During application, the name of the organisation must be listed at the team name (e.g. Retriever Rescue Team)
  • If there are multiple teams from the same organisation, teams must be numbered (e.g. Animal Rescuers with Tattoos 1, Animal Rescuers with Tattoos 2 etc.)
  • Email approval from the given organisation for the team’s use of the organisation’s name (the email must be sent from the official address of the organisation to
  • Please make sure to indicate during application with the team name that you wish to participate in the Selfless Huff & Puff program. Only teams that meet the listed requirements may take part in this 'championship'.