The Hard Dog Race

HDR is the extreme obstacle running race which you have to complete with your dog.

You don’t just fight time, you also have to tackle the challenging obstacles, water, your own stubborn dog and last but not least, yourself. You will be exhausted. You will be aching everywhere and your whole body will be covered in mud. At the end, however, when you and your dog cross the finish line, you will only feel triumph. The elation over the exhilarating feeling of a victory so intense you may not have experienced. You can be proud. Proud of yourself and your dog – the tough duo.

At HDR you can become part of a dog community. You may find new friends, who will all congratulate you for your spectacular performance.

If you come with your family, we’ll make sure they have fun even if they don’t compete in the race. There will be exciting but also educational dog activities for those interested.

HDR is a firm believer in responsible dog ownership. This is why HDR also provides an opportunity for dog adoption. It is entirely possible that someone who only came to cheer for you on the race ends up adopting one of the dogs in need of a new family. Maybe the two of them will actually take part in the race the following year.
All the above comprise the Hard Dog Race. It’s not just a race, but a celebration as well. It celebrates all of us crazy, tough dog-owners and our four-legged friends.

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