Please do everything in your power to ensure the safety and good atmosphere of the race. This is our common interest. Here you can read some pieces of advice which will give you the basics of having an extremely fun day at the race.

  • Appraise your dog’s physical and mental state!
  • You know your dog best. Do you know how it behaves in a crowd? Is it social enough? If it can’t get along well with other dogs or it’s bothered by lots of people running nearby, play it safe and put a muzzle on it!
  • Prepare for the race together!
  • 6 kilometres are a far cry from a marathon, even 12 kilometres are, but the word ‘victory’ is featured in our slogan for a good reason. You’ll be presented with a challenge which if you beat, you’ll have every right to feel proud! This is especially true in case of HDR Wild.
  • If you are a parent, please don’t make a hasty decision concerning your child’s participation. After all, you are responsible for both your child’s and their dog’s safety. By no means are we trying to convince you to not let them, however, if you wish them to have a great day, you need to be certain of the following:
    – the child’s physical condition
    – the dog’s physical and mental condition
    – the harmony between the dog and your child
    In other words, think over whether your child and their dog are suitable to race together. If you feel uncertain, don’t hesitate to ask your questions, we’re glad to help!
  • Don’t eat and don’t feed your dog if there’s less than 2 hours left until your race!
  • As you need to be at the starting gate 15 minutes before you start the race, use the time to limber up thoroughly! You’ll need it!
  • If you feel that an obstacle is too difficult or risky, it’s best if you go around it! The rules allow you to do this. You can ‘redeem’ yourself by performing 30 squats. Don’t forget that you’re responsible for your dog, you’re the one who knows them best, therefore you’re the one who knows if an obstacle is insurmountable for them.
  • Help your dog! You may facilitate their passage at any of the obstacles, you may even pick them up. Read the pertaining part of the Rules of Competition if you haven’t done so already.
  • We strictly adhere to the Rules of Competition and the Code of Ethics, please keep this in mind!
  • Pay attention to the other racers and their dogs as well, not just yourself! You’re not alone on the track.
  • If someone needs help, give them a helping hand! It only takes a small effort, but it could mean a lot to someone in trouble.
  • Be sure to adhere to the principles of fair play while you’re racing! No victory, not even first place is worth compromising your honesty.
  • Don’t litter! Please make sure you dispose of all garbage in the designated bins in the entire area of the event.
  • We know you always pick up your dog’s droppings, but should you happen upon someone who doesn’t, give them a nylon baggie. After all, you always have some extra ones on you, right?
  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking areas in the whole area of the event.
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