Do you enjoy running? Do you want to put yourself to the test?
We welcome you if you’ve already had your eighth birthday by 1st September 2018, but you’re not yet fifteen. It’s important that you have your own dog, or one that doesn’t belong to you but its master is willing to lend it to you, you’re on good terms and above all, it listens to you. You need to beat 8 obstacles along a 2 km distance. All we can say is that it’s worth it. You can’t compare anything else to crossing the finish line and feeling the pride only the completion of the Hard Dog Race can provide.

We ask you that if you’re interested in applying, be sure to think it over and talk to your parents first! If you’ve made up your mind, you’ll need to train for the race. Run with your dog regularly!

Make sure your parents read the rules of competition!
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