HDR Pack is a community of dog owners who enjoy being active, and who have either taken part in a HDR race, plan to do so or are merely interested. The Pack’s conception itself provides a great example to show what the HDR community is like. Some enthusiastic HDR followers from Debrecen and Göcsej made the initiative and created the first, at the time unofficial HDR Facebook groups. That made us think about how such a community could work in ‘age-dee-are’. Embracing this laudable initiative, the new Packs were born, this time under the logo of HDR.

The Pack helps with preparation and to find some partners should you wish to participate in a team. You can get the updates on where Packs have already formed on Facebook. We allow the forming of packs according to the area where you live in and the breed of the dog. There can be one Pack per city and dog breed (two in Budapest when forming Packs based on the area, 1 in Buda, 1 in Pest). So, if there is already one such community where you live, go ahead and join them, they’ll welcome you with open arms. If there isn’t, feel free to send an email to hdrteam@harddograce.hu.

If you become part of this HDR community, you can be sure you’re in good company. There’s a great deal you can do for one another, for dogs and for the promotion of responsible dog ownership.

Do not forget: it’s good to be part of the pack. If you don’t take our word for it, ask your dog!

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