No question about it! We definitely find it worthwhile and useful!

Today’s dog schools are thankfully very different from those of 30 years ago. Methods based on dominance and punishments have been replaced with modern, positive feedback based techniques and a deeper understanding of the owner-dog relationship. These are all important and positive changes, because dog schools are not only for those wanting to provide their dogs with special training, but for those who want to establish a harmonious relationship with their pet as well.

Why go to a dog school? Why does HDR support dog schools?

  • Because there is no greater feeling when your dog returns to you at your first command, and also doesn’t knock your neighbour off their feet.
  • It’s great if you can go to a community with your dog beside you, for they can behave around other dogs.
  • Believe it or not, your dog was born to move around, have an active life and to learn and solve problems.
  • Life is easier with a trained dog.
  • Because – and there is no better argument than this – you will feel much more liberated when you take part in an HDR race.