No problem. There is no level time. But in this case, please register as early as possible. No one will be left behind, we will wait for you. But there will be a results ceremony only when all runners have crossed the finish line.

No specialised training is needed. If your dog is socialised, can climb stairs, jump, run next to you on a leash, they’ll be able to complete the race without issues.

Be on location one hour before your race starts at the latest. It’s worth arriving earlier however, because you’ll be doing things that require time. If you’ve brought a mobile kennel for instance, setting that up takes a while, and you also need to consider that getting from the car park to the registration point may take some time as well. If you plan to change into your running clothes on location, you may need to queue at the lockers. And if you happen to not make it to your slot in time, you may need to wait until the end of the day for a slot to open up.

No proplem. You may pick up your dog at any of the obstacles to help them. If they really don’t want to complete the obstacle, you may go around it if you perform 30 squats.

Of course. We believe all dogs have the same value regardless of their pedigree.

There is not, size doesn’t matter. However, keep in mind that you may occasionally need to do some real heavy lifting if you run with a Bernard’s shepherd. In such cases, people will dachshunds may have better luck.

We believe you if you say so, but the race was designed with a leash in mind. Amongst other things, this serves your safety and that of all other racers.

We also like using clickers and use them profusely. Have you ever heard 100 flamenco dancers play with their castanets at the same time though? It’d be like that, except with lots of confused dogs instead of dancers.

You may, but we don’t recommend it. If you don’t know a dog very well, you may not be able to properly predict how they’ll react to stimuli.

No problem, you move as fast as you can. The only thing you need to do is complete the full distance, because you’ll only receive the medal – and share the pride – if you reach the finish line. There is no par time, however.

You may transfer or sell your application to someone else. We recommend trying the Hard Dog Race Chat group (link).

Your running mate must be at least 12 months old to be eligible to run. There is no upper limit, but please make sure you consult your vet if you plan on running with an older dog.