Our Mission

Hard Dog Race wants to achieve more than just to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

We, the founders and organizers of HDR believe that besides adhering to the laws of animal protection – which is the duty of all pet owners and, more broadly, all citizens – dogs are not “merely” living creatures. They deserve special attention, care, respect and love. We know that this is only possible if proper dog ownership culture is learnt and applied on a daily basis. Hard Dog Race has therefore set the goal of enriching all who visit our events with important knowledge to facilitate the harmony between the dog and its owner.

We believe in peaceful coexistence between those who own dogs and those who don’t. The foundation of this is respect and understanding of the other person’s opinions. We dog owners need to work hard to achieve a conflict-free coexistence. To move this forward, HDR employs all tools at its disposal.

Raising awareness for dog ownership culture will hopefully lead to shelters becoming more or less obsolete. Unfortunately, supporting an animal shelter is a temporary solution only, which helps avoid immediate crises. The real solution is to prevent dogs from being carried off to shelters in the first place; to raise our children so they understand that dogs are thinking and feeling creatures who can’t just be discarded on the street or bred irresponsibly. Dogs are born for an active life filled with sports, adventures and mental challenges. We would like more dogs to have a complete and happy life. This is our mission.

Here’s how we endeavour to help as much as we can:

  • Health policies at the race e.g. mandatory deworming, combined vaccinations
  • Not Just Run race: Not Just Run is HDR’s charity race, wherein we support a non-profit organisation/foundation or a noble goal important to us each year.
  • Promotion of the institution of dog schools
  • Cooperation with shelters